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Parkour on with the right training

Well, there are several forms of running and training that one does tend to confuse one with the other. Parkour and free running are two such forms that are mistaken. Not to blame, here is a write up that throws light on parkour and its ideology. Click here to find some awesome parkour shoes.

What is parkour?

The answer to this most fundamental question is that, parkour is a form of running that has been inspired from the military style of obstacle training. Usually meant for performing in urban space, it involves all forms of movement making use of whatever is available in the environment. It is believed to lend a new perspective to one on their surroundings.
This form of training aims at bringing out all the natural qualities of a body that can be transformed to enjoy a sport. The human body is considered flexible, agile, resistant, enduring and nimble. It is capable of performing gymnastics in every day life. One can vault, jump, lift, balance, throw, defend self and swim if initiated into the situation. It is just that some utilize the potential while others don't. 

What are the moves involved?

Well, one cannot make a list of valid moves and invalid moves in parkour. It is just meant to listen to natural reflex and agility and let the body proceed with it. Here are a few moves commonly performed by people practicing:

  • Jump over a low wall
  • Jump up a high wall by running towards it and then hauling up the wall with hands.
  • Swing and move to the top of a landing from a bar.
  • Land accurately on small and narrow landings or obstacles.
  • Roll and absorb heavy or large impacts.

Safety, Injury and death

Some places ban parkour as they are considered inappropriate, like cemeteries. Gymnasiums, parks and such places are more likely where one can see practitioners. In well populated facilities one always risks trespassing. If considered so, practitioners generally remove themselves from the place as well as their equipments. It is said to be a sign of respect for other people.

There is the problem of people getting injured if they happen to be accidentally in the way. Some people when training parkour underestimate the obstacle or overestimate themselves, often ending up with injuries, fractures, and even death in the worst cases. Rescue teams often find themselves in fitful situations when people try to leap off high buildings and so on. People practicing tend to damage surfaces and other places without knowing their nature.

What to wear

Well, as one can see this form of sport requires garments that do not get in the way. People wear shorts and a t shirt that can absorb sweat. Good pair of shoes for running would be ideal too. The best parkour shoes can be chosen by checking out the store for ones that give a good grip, feel light on the feet, have options to be adjusted to run better. Well, so much for that. One can indeed wear protective equipment for the head and joints to be on the safer side.